Congratulations! You’ve reached Goal No. 4 of The Game Plan – Check the Scoreboard. You should be very proud of all that you have accomplished so far.

After Huddling with your diabetes healthcare team, Entering the Nutrition Zone with healthy eating, and Getting in the Game by getting more active, it’s time to take a look back on your progress and assess what worked for you.

We understand that healthy habits take time to develop, and that you may not have gotten everything right on your first try. That’s why it is important to keep participating in The Game Plan, so you can continue to work toward and maintain your goals.

Check the following boxes to make sure you’re getting the most out of The Game Plan and helping to set yourself up for success in the future.

“We’re so proud of your dedication to The Game Plan, and you should be, too! Keep exploring other ways to continue your progress.”

- Your Game Plan Coaches

  • Check Back in
    • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your diabetes healthcare team
    • Review your Playbook with a member of your diabetes healthcare team, discuss your progress, and ask any questions that came up while you participated in The Game Plan
    • Begin The Game Plan again by filling out a new Playbook with a member of your diabetes healthcare team. Did you achieve your personal goals the first time around?< print >
      • If your answer is yes, work with your healthcare provider to set more challenging goals (if appropriate) for eating healthy, getting active, managing blood sugar and reducing heart disease risks
      • If your answer is no, continue working on the goals you and your diabetes healthcare team have set and discuss additional ways to help reach them with your healthcare provider
  • Stick With What Works
    • Continue planning out healthy meals and snacks at the beginning of each week in your Healthy Meals and Snacks Planner. Keep making your favorite healthy meals and snacks and try new options in place of any you didn’t like
    • Take a look back at your Weekly Activity Tracker. If you found one activity that you were more likely to do than others (for example, walking over swimming), keep up the momentum! You’re more likely to do things that you enjoy
  • Spread the Word
    Share your accomplishments with your friends and family. Ask them to help you maintain the healthy habits you’ve formed and support you as you work toward new goals

Etie Moghissi, MD, FACP, FACE

Dr. Etie Moghissi is a clinical endocrinologist involved in patient care in private practice in Marina del Rey, California, as well as an associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology and is a member of the board of trustees of the American Collage of Endocrinology.

As a clinical endocrinologist, I treat a number of people with type 2 diabetes and know that managing the disease can be a difficult undertaking. The initial diagnosis is often overwhelming and many patients do not realize that high blood sugar levels over time can lead to serious long-term complications.

That’s why I’m working on the Blood Sugar Basics: Get to Your Goals program to provide you with clear tools and missions that encourage you to know your A1C and talk to your diabetes healthcare team (including your primary care provider, endocrinologist, and/or diabetes educator) about setting and attaining your blood sugar goals.

By working with your diabetes healthcare team, you can develop an individualized treatment plan and learn more about how lifestyle changes, such as meal planning and physical activity, and medication, when prescribed, all play key roles in helping you reach your A1C goal and blood sugar goals. For more advice about type 2 diabetes management and the importance of teaming up with your doctor, click here.

I am very excited about Get to Your Goals and hope that you find it to be a helpful resource. I know how important it is for people with type 2 diabetes to work with their diabetes healthcare team to set personal goals and a plan for achieving them, and that’s exactly where you’ll start with the first mission of Get to Your Goals – Gather Intelligence.