In this exercise, the two of us – Samantha Heller and Dr. Farhad Zangeneh – are your coaches, and we’ve designed The Game Plan to help you approach managing your diabetes in a whole new way.

We understand that one of the toughest things about managing type 2 diabetes can be the feeling that you have to change everything about your lifestyle, all at once. It doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s where The Game Plan comes into play.

The Game Plan is an easy, step-by-step plan made up of four goals for you to tackle, one at a time, with the help of your diabetes healthcare team (including your primary care provider, endocrinologist and/or diabetes educator).

Get started by clicking on Goal No. 1 – Huddle – below!

You can also find out more about us (your coaches), and why we’re involved in The Game Plan, by clicking on our profiles on the right.

It’s time to get in the game. We know you can do it!

Nutrition, exercise and diabetes expert
Endocrinologist and AACE member

Samantha Heller, MS, RD, CDN

Samantha Heller is a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist who brings more than a decade of experience helping type 2 diabetes patients reach their goals for healthy eating and physical activity to The Game Plan.

As a health and wellness expert, I help people lead healthier lifestyles through physical activity and healthy eating. A big part of that is helping people understand that it is not about overhauling your lifestyle all at once, but instead, becoming healthier by making small adjustments (like taking the stairs instead of the elevator). You’re more likely to reach your goals and stick with them if they feel realistic!

That’s why we developed The Game Plan, to help you take small steps toward healthy eating, meal planning and physical activity, which are key to helping you manage your type 2 diabetes and reduce your risk for serious complications, such as heart disease.

It is extremely important for you to take charge of your health instead of letting diabetes take charge of you! The small changes that you make today can have a lasting impact on your future. There’s no better time than right now to start with the first goal of The Game Plan – HUDDLE.

Farhad Zangeneh, MD, FACP, FACE

Dr. Farhad Zangeneh is a clinical endocrinologist and medical director of the Endocrine, Diabetes and Osteoporosis Clinic (EDOC) in Sterling, Va. He is also an assistant clinical professor of medicine at George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C.

As a clinical endocrinologist, I am an expert in the care of people with type 2 diabetes and have years of experience helping people manage the disease. I know that being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can be overwhelming, and that’s why I’ve teamed up with Samantha Heller on The Game Plan to help you manage the disease with the help of your diabetes healthcare team (including your primary care provider, endocrinologist and/or diabetes educator).

By working with your diabetes healthcare team, you can learn more about blood sugar management (and how to help avoid low and high blood sugar) and the serious complications associated with diabetes (like heart disease). You can also find out how you’re doing now with managing diabetes and set goals that can help you get to where you need to be. For more advice from me about type 2 diabetes management and the importance of teaming up with your doctor, click here.

I am very excited about The Game Plan and hope that you find it to be a helpful resource. I know how important it is for people with type 2 diabetes to work with their their diabetes healthcare team to set personal goals and a plan for achieving them, and that’s exactly where you’ll start with the first goal of The Game Plan – HUDDLE.